Time failed

She does She still does She remembers Thirty years down the line As she tries to rewrite her story Realizes some pages weren't tone In that old book still lie pages upon pages of inked lines of her not so fortunate past A past she so hard wants to erase But like words engraved on... Continue Reading →


He saw me at my weakestMy most vulnerable selfAnd he chose to hold me closeAnd let my tears flowLet the pain ooze outThen wiped them dryAnd planted a soft kiss on my foreheadAnd told me it will be okayTruth is it will never beButĀ  as long as he keeps holding me closeI'll chose to believe... Continue Reading →

Reality check

I see you with ClaireAnd all I can do is glareI see you with JaneAnd all i can do is acheI see you with herAnd to pieces I shutter It hurts seeing you with herIt hurts when you give it to herMy favourite kiss of youWhen your lips touch her forehead,A million pieces my heart... Continue Reading →


Its twelve minutes past midnight If this was yesterday I would be wishing you a lovely night After a six hour long conversation spanning every silly topic that would cross our minds But no, today is not yesterday,today is today And today I lay on my bed exhausted from being insecure although paranoid would be... Continue Reading →

Keep chasing

Some of us have been here long enough to see relationships spring up and die rather too soon , with the "mtaachana tu"(you will eventually breakup) crew saying si tuliwaambia.(we told you)Some of us have been here for just enough time to experience the rollercoaster of emotions , the pain, the bliss, the too high... Continue Reading →


Why would we bother looking for the silver lining when we can paint the entire cloud grey? We have become masters of the trade.

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